Jan 24, 2009

Waiting. . .not so patiently

Having been encouraged to complete a pair of kilt hose for the "Think Outside the Sox" contest, I knitted fast and furious to complete them, block them and mail them in before the extended deadline. They turned out nicely, albeit more expensive than I'd originally expected. FOUR skeins of yarn!! Can you believe it? Now I'm awaiting their arrival in Sioux Falls--and am hopeful I'll receive a phone call telling me I'm a winner.

Waiting isn't so easy, and I'm also waiting for a couple of names to find their way to me. I'm registered for two, one skein project swaps. The Michfest swap exchanges names on Tuesday, and the BSKG swap on February 1. Meanwhile, I'm lurking on Ravelry and looking for fun projects to knit.

I've begun knitting a swatch for Artisan Knitworks--their genius plan to get knitters in their store sucked me in. The lace pattern I was given is very similar to the pattern on the top of the kilt hose, so I'm making quick progress. Rather than knit just the small swatch they've asked for, it's becomming a scarf that will find it's way into the present box for next December. . .Pictures to come soon.

I'm hopeful that Suzanne will spend some time with me deciphering the wowway protocol for hosting documents on my webspace--it's a bit daunting. So, until then, more waiting.


  1. Good luck with the contest! I would love to see a picture!

  2. Hey -- thanks for the plug. Still need help with wowway? I've become your first Follower, want to be my first Follower?


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