Aug 24, 2011

Sucking the Life out of Summer

The countdown is official. Only today and two more school days until I report back to work for the 2010-11 school year. You'd think I'd already started back to work, since I've done some homebound teaching, summer school teaching, have worked on some new curriculum and have been responding to many phone calls and emails since we let out in June. I've also been shopping the back to school sales so that I have supplies for the students who are unable to purchase them on their own. To those who say that a teacher has a cushy job, and doesn't work for three months, we should spend my vacation together next summer!

To be fair, I've also spent much time enjoying myself this summer too. I've kayaked nearly every week, have spent a good amount of time with friends, enjoyed a couple of trips, have taken fiber classes both online and in person, have knitted and spun a TON of fiber into a new fall wardrobe, and have gotten many massages and chiropractic adjustments. I do not take any of my life for granted. I truly live a blessed existence, and enjoy many perks of a reduced summer schedule.

That said. . .I have only a few moments left! I'd hoped to finish a couple of designs that are floating in my head. I'd hoped to spin up the remainder of my fiber stash. I'd hoped to finish a cardigan that is only about half way done, and a vest that is in about the same position. The last few days of vacation always put me in a bit of a frenzy trying to determine what my last, best day of summer will hold. I feel like a kid again, both excited for the new start to the school year, and saddened to see the days grow shorter, and have real responsibilities (and homework) again.

A good friend is in from out of town this week, and we're taking her to see the Stanley Cup this afternoon. . .plenty of knitting time on the drive, but what to take?

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I was informed that we're having a party this Friday too. .
.if you're in town, stop by! (BSKGers, that means you!)

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