Feb 22, 2010

A Curious Thing

The internet has made such changes in our lives, it's hard to remember how we actually functioned prior to it being a household staple. I have boxes of books that were kept as reference books, but have been packed away for the past 18 months in hopes of home repairs happening. Now that they are about to start, I'm realizing that I can probably just donate the books and never really miss them. Any research I'll be interested in can just as easily be done on the internet or at the public (or school) library. Can't I just release my belongings and gain a little bit of space in my home? We'll see how much I've been influenced by my family and how much I can actually let go of.

Some research I've done lately has been to look up people I was once friends with. . .due to a variety of circumstances we've drifted apart, and I have no real desire to strike up a friendship with many of them, but I'm interested none-the-less. I found a college roommate has divorced, remarried and apparently has two children and is now a SAHM. . .another is struggling with weight loss. . .another had a significant weight loss and is now married. . .and yet another has done some amazing freelance print designs for companies like Coach. . .While I enjoy finding out what former friends are up to, I find it somewhat creepy that I can learn so much without actually contacting them to let them know I'm looking. I find it a curious thing to be able to be curious. . .and stealth. Google yourself. . .see what you can find out about YOU. . .and then change your security settings.

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