Feb 15, 2010

First Event Finished

My first afghan is finished, save weaving in the ends. . .I'll likely do that on Wednesday when I get together with some knitting friends. A relief to have one of the four I'd like to have ready by June completed!

And so, on to the next. The Moderne Log Cabin blanket I'm making out of REALLY OLD acrylic yarn for another student is hurting my hands already. I completed one more block of it today, hope to get another section or two done tomorrow--and take some pictures to post. The garter stitch is enough to make me want to poke my eyes out, but only two sections and miles of applied I-cord and it's done.

Four years ago during the Olympics, I was knitting here:I have to say that while I think our snow is lovely, the cabana on the beach in Tulum was much nicer. . .

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