Jul 12, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

I actually did accomplish many good things  in the past couple of weekends.  Construction is officially done--as in the poly coat was put on the floor on Friday, and after the floor cures, we can start moving furniture in this weekend--WAHOO!!  So that means that I can start to clean and move things back into our living spaces.  Over the holiday weekend, I touched washed EVERY surface in my kitchen and dining room including the walls, ceiling and floor.  This weekend it was the spare room, sewing room and living room that got our TLC.  We've set up the tents in preparation for MichFest, and have hauled all of the gear into a pile in the spare room to begin our packing.  We've pulled at least 5 compost bags full of weeds from the garden, taken 7 boxes of books to donate to the local public library, returned cans and bottles, and took a truck load of things to the recycling center and a bunch more to the Salvation Army. 

I taught a lace class for this scarf on Saturday morning. . .We've been productive, but I still have a number of things that are calling for my attention.

I should have been working on my nametag. . .Meg Swanson asks that we knit a nametag for camp.  Mine is going to be a mobieus sock ring with a letter of my name on each sock. . .obviously, it's not done.

 I could have been working on my sweater to take with me. . .I comleted the spiral yoked sweater (although I put in the alternative colorwork instead of the spiral), but wanted to try the steeked sweater too.  I'm not gonna get there before I have to leave.

What I wound up doing was making hexagons. Lots and lots of hexagons. 

They've become so addictive, I fear I cannot stop.  I'm not sure if it's because they're like potato chips, and I can't crochet just one. . .

Or if it's because they're so colorful. . .

Or if it's because they remind me of the granny square afghans that my Gramma made me (that, I should point out, are sitting unused in a cedar chest, so why do I need another?)

All I know is I can't stop making them.  I'll let you know when I need an intervention.


  1. it's summertime; of course you want to make brightly coloured easy fun stuff!

    xo, M

  2. Wow, a new entry! Been a while. But, you've been v e r y busy I see.

    Hope you can make it over to Panera's tonight.

  3. P.S. When did you get into crocheted hexagons?

  4. Love these & want to make them too! Lots and lots, like you!


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