Jul 15, 2010

Road Trips, Dells, Curds and Knitting

On the road to knitting camp.  Promised to post at least one sentence and one picture each day--and it's midnight at home, but only 11:00 here, so I figure I'm safe.

Spent last night with a friend, Isabella wasn't too happy for the company, but Dorcus and I were pleased to be able to relax in the comfort of a home, rather than a no-tell-motel.

Today was a leisurely trip on the hunt for good shopping, good eating and full of laughter.

Went to Nancy's Notions, and bought some goodies. . .tried to take a picture with Nancy, but aparently she was camera shy!

Found a great place for lunch--or was it our breakfast? with an excellent view of a Piggly Wiggly!  Wanted curds, but wanted them fresh, rather than fried, so we're still on the hunt.

Found a local yarn store that will be celebrating it's grand opening this weekend.  Really, a super sweet shop, and the owner helped us plan the rest of our day.

We intended to head to three other stops, but time got the best of us, and we needed to get to our destination.  We drove past the Dells--and wondered. . .what is a dell anyway? Saw some bogs that were growing cranberries, and many other farms growing undetermined crops (we think they should put up signs on the side of the road for tourists), and a bit of wild life too.

Made it to dinner just in time. . . and ate with Michelle from Schoolhouse Press.  Found our seats in the classroom and were delighted to be sitting near Jennie the Potter. . .who had just gotten an email from Suzanne!  Several otther nice knitters who've all been to camp more than once made sure to give us the scoop, so we're prepared for tomorrow.

Lots of inspiration in the classroom, and we haven't even begun the instruction yet!  We feel like we've put in about a week's worth of a journey and have only been gone for a couple of days.  sheesh.  More tomorrow, with pictures of EZ's sweaters. . .


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