Nov 14, 2011

Can't Stop

Apparently, I shouldn't stop knitting and leave my sweater sitting for long. Mookie likes it!

Have the back completed and have started working on the fronts. I'm hoping to finish the fronts and collar and get a good start on a sleeve before the weekend.

Since I've gone rogue and am no longer following the pattern, I'm a bit leery about the neckline. I've consulted a few design books, have calculated stitch counts, and looked at samples of other patterns... And am hoping all will go well. I'm shooting for a shawl collar.

To get there, I cast off about four inches of stitches at the center front, and will gradually decrease along the neck edge until I have the number of stitches left on the holders for the shoulders. Then I'll unite the shoulders with a three needle bind off to give them plenty of strength. For the collar, I'll pick up along the neckline and work a wide band of ribbing that will overlap in the front and (hopefully) fold gracefully over into a shawl collar. I think it'll work, but I have to keep knitting to see for sure.

If you've got a better suggestion at how to attack this, pipe up!

Ps, Harriet, keep knitting on the Henley, you will be so glad to have a clean slate when you cast on your PW sweater!

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  1. Clean slate? You mean you think I'll be finished by Thanksgiving? ROFLOL.


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