Nov 12, 2011


House power washed? Check.
Leaves raked? Check.
Garage cleaned? Check.
Yummy food in refrigerator? Check.

We both got a lot done today, and still had time to meet with someone to coordinate installation of a gas fire place, watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, and get a lot of knitting done.

NaKniSweMo is coming along just fine. I'm ready to divide for the arms, and since the yoke will be all black, I think I might just pick up some speed!

Oh, and Harriet? I say cast on the Philosopher's sweater... I'm shooting to have mine done by November 25, when I can cast on another with the rest of the guild. Will you be ready by then?


  1. Ready? Well, if you mean will I have my Henley finished, who the h**l knows? But, guess I'll cast on the Philosopher's sweater anyway then. And, maybe another also. I'm sooo bonkers these days.

  2. PS - your sweater is looking wonderful!


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