May 24, 2011

Dr. G's Memory Vest

Last night at my knitting class Fritzie and I were talking about knitting a vest.  My Father in law asked for a replacement to his ancient Burger King Manager's vest.  I'm not really sure how to compete with a tan, plaid, acrylic vest that is well worn, and was free to him.  It's not exactly this bad. . .but you can imagine, can't you?  Keep in mind, he's 88.  I cannot safely say that he'll be hand washing his new, hand knit vest.

I think I've found the yarn I'll use.  It's a wool/acrylic blend.  Tan with flecks of the perfect Burger King red and yellow with a little blue thrown in for good measure.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have projects a plenty to finish up.  And yet, he's asked about it.  More than once.  Honestly, my typical holiday knitting strategy is to plan, knit a bunch of things, avoid what I really need to knit, and then stress out when Thanksgiving hits.  For Mike, I think I'm going to need a new strategy.  I need to start now.  He's interested in a new vest.  He wants me to knit one for him.  I love that.  When someone not only admires your work, but asks you to make something for them, and then inquires about it. . .it's time to follow through.  I need to cast on, and allow him to watch the process.  I think that will be part of the present for him too. . .to be able to see the yarn, and then watch his vest grow in front of his eyes.

So, as Fritzie and I talked last night, she mentioned Dr. G's Memory Vest.  I cannot tell you how much I have loved Kirsten Kapur's other patterns.  I cannot express how much I enjoy cables.  I'm hoping this is going to be as quick of a knit as other's have mentioned on Ravelry.  I'm also hoping I have enough yarn to make it work.

The pattern, if you're interested is sold for a great cause.  Kristen's dad had Alzheimer's, and she asks that you donate directly to the  Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research.  You can find the details on her blog at the above link.  I made my donation today, and may find myself casting on before I finish all of my other projects.  I'm just that excited about it.

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