May 25, 2011

A F.O.

Do you know what this pile of yarn means?

Yup. Ends woven in, washed, and dried, and even on my body today!

A new sweater.

Pattern: Zoes Tee

Yarn: AllHemp

While I'm not entirely unhappy with it, I sure wish I would have knit a gauge swatch. . .that would have eliminated the miles of ease that it has. You'd think I'd do this for EVERY project I make, but no. Sometimes I think I know better than the universe.

Also, did you notice how the cable leans a little to my left side? I'm not really sure what happened there. My guess is that maybe the yarn had a little too much energy in it. If a yarn is not evenly plied, it can pull a little to one direction or another. Usually you'll see this in handspun yarn, but occasionally it happens in commercial yarn too. Often, if you notice it earlier than I did (I didn't see it until it was totally off the needles) you can rip back and pull from the other side of the hank or ball of yarn. Sometimes the way you carry your yarn adds a little extra twist to it as you knit, so you could try carrying the yarn in the opposite hand. My project is done, and except for a few close friends and my gentle readers, I don't think anyone is going to comment on how my cable and lace lists a little to the left. What I may do is try to "set" the sweater with a blast of steam from my steamer. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but it will likely improve the appearance somewhat.

My general rule is to finish two projects before starting a new one. I remembered that I finished this Fear of Commitment Cowl last week, and technically, I ripped out a mitten I began this winter changing it from a U.F.O into stash. That counts as three, right? I can cast on the Dr. G's vest tonight, right? Can I? Can I?

I'll keep you posted. I still have some baby sweaters to finish. . .not to mention the vests.

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