Jun 14, 2011

Ready to Go

One vest is drying, but ready for a button...

And my knitting bag is filled with sweaters awaiting buttons.

Aren't these Beatrix Potter buttons cute?

This little sweater is destined for the gift box, just waiting for the next friend to announce she's pregnant.

These two will be mailed off to first-time grandma, Anita, in D.C. Where she's helping take care of her daughter and twin grandchildren who were born a few weeks ago.

Another vest ready for buttons, and my Juliet will gain a closure tonight too. I almost feel like I'm wishing the warm weather away as I finish all of these cool weather garments...I will have to wait until fall to really enjoy them!

What do you knit in public?

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  1. Excellent job! What's not to like about Beatrix Potter??!! Did I ever tell you when I went to Scotland I was very near the town that inspired the books???


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