Jan 14, 2013

Is Resistance Futile?

I had a major case of startitis this weekend.  I have been diligently working through my list of UFOs and want to cast on something new.  To be fair, I've knit a couple of small little projects in the past couple of weeks.  I've made two cowls and two hats, but those don't really count, do they?  They were fun little knits that didn't really hold much allure.  They were almost cast off as soon as they were cast on.

My friend Kim came over to knit on Saturday, and having spent Friday in my new Philosopher's Wool sweater, I felt pretty darn good about myself, and thought I'd reward myself with a new sweater. But I don't have my swatch knit for the one I think I can finish quickly.  I do have swatches done for two other sweaters. (Ignore the fact that both sweaters will be knit from the same yarn. . .and that I only have enough to make one sweater from that quantity of yarn. . .those details aren't really important.)  Kim had the perfect social knitting project with her.  A simple 1x1 ribbed scarf made with self striping yarn.  Enough interest in the color changes, but simple enough to talk and watch movies while knitting.  I needed such a project.  Since I STILL can't find my elusive skein of sock yarn, I thought maybe I'd cast on a new pair.  (rejected because in spite of how quickly I knit, they are not quick projects and would be bound to be a new UFO)  I thought I might cast on a Jacobus Monkey (also rejected because I don't know what color to knit, and I'd have to wind sock yarn) I thought I might knit a hat for my uncle (rejected because I need to find a pattern, and I'm not actually sure he'll wear it)  Maybe that sweater out of the Greenfield Village yarn?  (rejected because of the no swatching issue stated above)  I downloaded a couple of new patterns from Ravelry, and began to pick out the yarn to knit some significant garter stitch wraps (rejected because I have the good sense not to start a massive undertaking without support, and Jennie says she can't KAL until much later this year)  I thought about a bog jacket and began to plan colors (rejected because my pattern is at my aunt's house)  With a sigh, I grabbed my basket with the Cloud Chaser Vest I started last year some time.  I'd already knit the back and most of the right front.  This surely wouldn't take long, would it?

Let's just say that I hate UFOs.  They suck the life out of you.  I knit all day Saturday, and a few hours on Sunday.  I've got the right front done, and am only eight repeats and some ribbing from finishing the left.  To be fair, it's a lot of knitting on size 4 needles, and I added a significant amount of length to the fronts to account for how I think it should drape and my very tall frame.  Matlie was getting row by row updates all weekend. . .I think she'll tell you I'm at around 74 rows remaining to the fronts (but seriously, who's counting?)  This all sounds well and good, but take a look at that pattern on Ravelry.  Have you seen the collar?  I'm in knitting Purgatory.

When I was out on Sunday, I almost succumbed to the lure of new sock yarn.  I had two really pretty skeins in my hands and was ready to check out. . .and then I put them back.

I did not cast on anything new.

I kept on knitting on my UFO, but it's still a long way from being finished.  I think maybe I'll reward myself with some swatching and a new sweater when it's done, but then I think about my Lloie's cardigan that is waiting for me.  I'll probably be complaining about that in a few weeks, and skipping the new sweater.   I'm imagining the freedom that must come to those knitters who are monogamous to one project at a time.  The idea I could cast on anything I wanted without guilt and forget about the shame that comes with knowing I have so many projects I love that sit unfinished.  I think I may want to be that knitter.  So for now I'm doing my penance.  I'll keep working on these long forgotten loves.

But today?  I couldn't take it.  I only knit two rows.  Not really enough to call progress, but still a teeny bit of forward momentum.  And then I sat down and my sewing machine and made myself a pair of pants.  Take that.  A new project cut out, sewn and ready to wear to school tomorrow if I want.  A balm for my startitis, and a useful way to work through that fabric stash that I typically pretend I don't have since it fits inside the closet so neatly.  I almost walked away from them when the elastic wasn't the right length, thinking I could fix them later. . .but then I got out my seam ripper and made them perfect.  

I think I may be turning over a new leaf.

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