Jan 22, 2013


When I found out that my Sunday plans were to be thrown out the window because J was sick, I have to admit to feeling a tiny bit of joy to know that I could spend all day doing whatever I wanted.  I was eager to make a dent in my Cloud Chaser.  I stayed far away from the germs and knit on another floor than where the sickness was.  I dutifully checked in every hour to be sure that there was plenty of Gatorade, blankets, bananas and brown rice available.  I thought, under the circumstances, that I was being a pretty good wife.  And I did get some serious knitting done.

Then came Monday.  I was sure that my stomach was making every effort to leave my body by any means necessary.  I can't really fault my friend Matlie for her lack of sympathy and lust for my knitting stash and finished sweaters when I told her I was near death.  After all, it was my secret joy on Sunday that got me into this mess.  Karma can really do a number on you.

Watch out Matlie, it may be coming to you next.

I muddled through school today, and took a four hour nap when I got home.  Truly, I think we've been lucky as this bug seems to be only of the 24 hour sort.  We're on the mend, but not completely ourselves yet.  With a long week ahead, we're both trying to put off all but the necessities. I've sanitized much of the house, and tomorrow plan to wash all blankets and sheets that may have been missed in our cleaning on Monday night.

I did finish much of the collar I was fretting about on Friday, but this vest may forever be tainted in my mind as the one I knit while I was near death.  Hopefully I can make some new memories when I wear it.

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