Feb 1, 2016

Knitting Just Got Geeky

Guest Teacher!
Jeanna Parks has been experimenting with adding conductive thread to her knitting.  Since we've all got questions, and can't wait until the summer to see her table at the Maker Faire at the Henry Ford, she's offered to teach for us in Berkley this spring.

Light Up Your Knitting:
Fiber fun got you down? Want to electrify your geek friends with your recent technologic advances? Join us and electrify your knitting! Don't phone it in - making tech gloves is fun, but let's go light years beyond...LED light years! Our session will include some soldering basics, as well as some experimenting in the basics of adding LED lights to your projects.

Some homework prior to class is required.  Bring a WOOL stockinette swatch 6"x6" to the first class, and we will choose a simple hat pattern to knit for your second class project.

Class meets from 6-8pm on Wednesday, March 2 and Wednesday March 15 from 6-8:30pm  $55 includes materials fee.

Techie Gloves:
 You just knit an amazing pair of gloves! You chose the pattern, shopped for just the right yarn, knit for ages. And now? Now you can't answer your phone without taking them off. What??!? Inconceivable! Don't worry...we have you covered. Come learn how easy it is to incorporate conductive thread into your knitting project, and next time you can make your own tech gloves and wow your fiber friends!

Knit all but the fingers on your chosen gloves prior to class.  A pattern with simple stockinette or garter fingers will give you the best results.

One class meets on Wednesday, March 9 from 6-8:30pm  $30 includes materials fee.

To register for classes, send an email to Tanya at MayBeaCrafted dot com to register your space.  You'll receive an email with an invoice and confirmation upon receipt. 

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