Feb 8, 2016

The Upside of Social Media

When I first created a Facebook account, it was primarily to be able to check in on others who were more active on the site.  I did the same with Twitter, and then eventually, last year, succumbed to Instagram.  I’ve slowly begun to add personal posts to each of those accounts, punctuated sporadically with MayBea Crafted photos and updates.

For many of my friends, near and far, they’ve enjoyed seeing the posts of the piles of Poppins bags that I’ve made, and learning about the patterns that I’m working on and sending to publication, but I suspect for others of my friends, it’s been a bit annoying to be spammed with news of the craftapalooza that is my personal and sometimes professional life.

Today, Facebook reminded me of a hat that I remember knitting, but that I thought I didn’t have any nice pictures of.  I knit it and gave it to a friend so quickly that I never added it to my Ravelry page.  Honestly?  I had forgotten how beautiful this hat was, and now I want to knit a similar one for myself. 
This comes at a pretty good time, as the I Heart Fair Isle pattern is set to be revamped with a new layout, new name (Hart, Michigan is in the running) and added notes.  Until it comes back from the tech editor and layout team at Stitch Definition, it’ll continue to be sold for $4 on Ravelry.  (Get your copy now, and the newer version will be sent your way when it is uploaded.)

I’m hopeful that by the beginning of April, my Ravelrypattern page is going to see a lot of action.  I’ve got a dozen patterns that are either being refreshed or added to my portfolio.  I hope you’ll stay tuned and see what is new. 

I’ve also added a MayBea Crafted Facebook page to hopefully engage those who want to be engaged, and keep my friends, well, friendly.  

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