Apr 24, 2011

Phoebe Finds a Home

During the blog absence, I've been knitting stuffies, working on UFOs, figuring out how to push some of my pattern ideas into reality, and getting lesson plans together for school.  I have a hard time believing that the Princess Sleepover took so much out of me, but maybe it did!

If you're familiar with the knitting story book Phoebe's Sweater by Joanna Johnson, you'll recognized Phoebe Mouse, the first of the stuffies I knit this spring.  The story is cute, but the fun part for knitters is that there are patterns in the back to make your own Phoebe, a dress and coat for her, as well as a coat for a little girl who you love.  I'm eager to make the coat, but have blue yarn, and at three, Baby O is very into pink and purple these days, so it may have to be made for our neighbor, the Bird.  Phoebe found her way into an Easter basket yesterday, and along with a few jelly beans and bits of chocolate, found a new home at the Bird's house.  It was love at first sight!

Once I realized how much fun knitting toys was, I set off to make some more. . .that's where the stegosaurus came in. . .but also when I started knitting Bridget.  I cannot tell you how clever I think this pattern is!  All of the clothing is knit as part of the body of the doll, so you can't change her clothes at all, but I LOVE her.  LOVE.  The eyes are bobbles made from a different color yarn, the nose is an interesting increase to make the little bump, and then stuffed and gathered. . .and the bloomers?  Too cute.  Bridget is finding her way to Princess Monkey Toes' house in an Easter basket later today, the stegosaurus is going to Captain Monkey, or Flying Monkey. . .not sure what Jeanna calls him, the princess' twin brother.

Baby O is getting a basket too, and will get one of these Which Came First little chicks that I started last year around Easter, but didn't finish in time for her basket. . .they still need some eyes and a little bit of finishing, but I love the way they flip around. . .and the cute, chubby little legs?  Adorable.

We have a basket for Bam Bam, Toshi's "cousin" or would that be uncle, once removed?  Since he's the dog of my aunt and uncle?  Anyway, it's filled with yummy and fun treats for him, but no hand knits. . .Bam's boy next door gets a couple of treats too, and I haven't decided if this monster is for him, or the lion.

I will say that in some of these toys there has been quite a bit of finishing work, but it's been a nice time to practice seaming, and we all probably need a little work on that.  But none of them have required a gauge swatch.  Knit at a tighter gauge, stuff it, embroider a little face, and give it to someone to love.  I haven't purchased yarn for any of them, so my stash grows leaner with each one I make. . .and like Phoebe, who doesn't need a little more love in their life?  Hopefully the parents appreciate a little less candy in the Easter baskets too.

Hopefully your spring baskets are filled with lots of things that make you smile, and you find plenty of challenging projects to keep your knitting skills growing and your mind engaged.  Happy Easter!

Apr 19, 2011

Knitting a Family

My latest knitting is for a friend's first grandchildren--twin girls! Her daughter was admitted to the hospital Sunday, but is still too early to deliver. Please keep Stacey and her little girls in your thoughts!

Mobile Blogging

Testing out a new app that will hopefully get me back to the blog more regularly!

If it works, I can upload pictures as I go, rather than try to add poor quality pictures I email to myself like in the last post!

Fingers crossed!!