Dec 29, 2011

End as You Plan to Begin

I fell short of my NaKniSweMo goals in November, and I got caught up in the preparations for the holiday and wrapping things up for the vacation at school. (There was also a rigid heddle incident, from which im still recovering. . .but that's another post.)As I look over the goals I set for myself, I find myself reaching high, and not always reaching my goals. So I'm going to try something a bit different as I look forward to 2012. I'm going to end strong. I'm working on finishing up what I started. Cleaning the palate, so to speak. I have a shawl blocking that I started in August, and next up is a stole I started last December. I do have some design work that needs to be completed, and I'll keep at it, but I'm going to end the year by cleaning up lose ends, and spend 2012 doing the same. To think it will take a year to do that seems ridiculous, but there are many loose ends. To say my chi is blocked is an understatement. I'll make a dozen pair of mittens this year, and work towards finishing my UFOs and using stash. . .all god things, yes? But my real focus will be on ending. Finishing strong. Staying the course to see all of the projects that need my attention get exactly how much attention they need until the finish line is crossed. How about you?