Jun 5, 2010

Basement Update and More!

THIRTEEN weeks into the project, it's still not done.  Close, but not done yet.  We keep hearing it will be just another week. . .Here are some pictures to keep you entertained. (from our older camera, apparently my POS camera needs some TLC to upload pictures)

I now have more cabinets and storage in my basement and bar area than I do in any other room in our house.  Maybe more there than in any three rooms combined!  I LOVE it!

Notice the new sink?

Our fireplace was refaced, and a few tiles from Pewabic Pottery in Detroit were added as accent pieces.
It still needs a good cleaning, they just grouted yesterday, but here's a closer look at the Pewabic tiles:
 The tile in the shower is great--

And my favorite part?  The bathroom sink.  The sewing machine was Joanie's grandmothers, and we lucked upon finding a beautiful stone bowl for the sink.  When the faucet is on, it looks just like an old fashioned water pump!

On the crafting front, I've recovered a few chairs to place in the basement when it's finally finished.  LOVE the fabrics we used! And I've uploaded some patterns into Ravelry for simple bags and hats.  One pattern isn't an original design, but rather a modification of Danielle LaFramboise's Windmill Bag.  Check them out, you may find something fun to knit!
The yarn I had processed at Stonehedge arrived on Tuesday, well ahead of schedule, and I'll start swatching with it this week while my friend Linda begins to play with color and see how it takes dye.  We may have some fun kits ready before long!

So, what have YOU been up to?

You Spin Me Right 'Round

Last week, Joanie was able to score three fleeces--nearly 30 pounds of freshly sheared fleece--from a co-worker!  I quickly made some phone calls to find out where I should have it processed--and since I was headed to nearby MacMullan Conference center, it was decided that our car would take a side trip to Stonehedge Farm to have it evaluated for processing.

I was told the sheep was a cross between a Suffolk and Cheviot--both are meat sheep, rather than fleece sheep--but the fleece looked okay to me. . .very clean of VM and not too dirty.  Deb at Stonehedge thinks it may have some Romney in it. . .and thinks it will spin up nicely into a very usable yarn.  I've asked that 1/3 of the wool be processed into roving, and 2/3 into yarn.  Rest assured, I'll be asking for friends to share this yarn when it comes in!   By the time the wool is washed and processed I'll have in excess of 20 pounds of wool. . .start thinking about aran sweaters. . .

Kate took some photos of the farm, and we were given a mini tour!  Enjoy! Our guild is already planning a trip there next year.

I held this post for awhile trying to upload pictures, but my camera has been a problem for me!  I'm posting without. . .sorry!