Mar 30, 2017

On the Road!

Last April was my first time shopping and vending at YarnCon in Chicago.  It nearly instantly became my favorite show.  The organizers are organized and kind, the other vendors are talented and friendly, and the customers are excited to be there.  I've never been a vendor at a show where their customers LINE UP to get into the venue!

Well, guess where I'm headed this weekend?  You've got it.  Chicago.  YarnCon.  I've been sewing up a storm to create many, MANY new bags just ripe for your spring projects.  Lots are in gender neutral, yet funky prints, but there are about thirty one of a kind bags made with fabric printed at Spoonflower, or piece like heirloom quilts.  These "Special Snowflake" bags were so fun to knit, I can't wait to see how people respond to them at YarnCon and Ann Arbor Spring Fiber Expo over the next couple of weekends.  I'll be doing an Etsy shop update just prior to puling out of my driveway, so you can shop in advance of the crowds in case you're unable to join me at either event.

knitting bags

close up of Fennville

I'm also giving a lecture with Carla of cjkoho Designs about developing and collaborating on our line of Welcome Home kits.  The lecture is free, but you will need to pop over to the YarnCon website to register.

2017 Welcome Home kit sample

I've also updated my Ravelry shop with a handful of new knitting patterns.  If you're looking for a quick accessory to knit as the weather gets warm, there are a few fun patterns that are sure to inspire. One of my favorites is the Tawas hat and cowl.  Like my Gratiot pattern, the hat is one size fits many, but written to accommodate many different weights of yarn.  Perfect for knitting out of what you have in stash.  

What knitting do YOU have planned for the warmer weather?  I love hearing what other creatives are up to.