Feb 2, 2011


One of the perks of my job is taking advantage of snow days. . .Today I slept in, since our superintendent called school off yesterday around 3:00pm.  Usually we're one of the last districts to get the call, but this time we were in the lead.  Most of my morning was spent shoveling the seven or eight inches that fell in our neighborhood, just north of Detroit.  I think the world was expecting "Snomageddon" and all we got was a heavy dumping.  Our city services are spectacular, and our streets are pretty clean, but friends report that streets in neighboring communities are still pretty snow covered and slick.  My gram--"Beazer" taught me to take pride in a well shoveled driveway. . .I think I can hold my head up today, as ours is as clean as can be.

 Our dog, Toshi, is part Husky and part Akita, and LOVES the snow--but she wasn't so sure about the massive amounts she saw this morning when we opened the door.  She's had a good day sleeping on her mat in front of the heater while I knit with a friend, and checking out how large the snow piles have become.
I realized I never showed you a picture of the blue version of Woden. . .it's been great to wear while outside for the past week or so. . .nice and cozy!

 It's sort of shocking to me how different it can look knit up in different colors!  I can't wait to see what others choose to knit for themselves. 
 My next version will be a combination of these colors, and I have another fair isle hat or two that I should be publishing soon--so if you like Woden, you'll have more coming your way!
 I pulled a sock from my UFO pile, and may work on that a bit in between some of the design work that I'm playing with for some upcoming submissions.  It seems somewhat unfair that now I have some interesting things to blog about and I have to keep them from you!

I hope you've been warm today, and didn't wear yourselves out cleaning out from under the Blizzaster.

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  1. Both hats are beautiful, but I'm thinking maybe I like the blue/white one better. Trying to come up with yarn to start mine.


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