Feb 8, 2011

Color Work Anyone?

This blog post may not make much sense to those of you who didn’t attend the Black Sheep Knitting Guild meeting, but I felt it was easier to include hot links here for our members to reference than it was to print out paper copies to get lost in the piles of yarn and knitting patterns we all have at our homes.

For those of you who were struggling to grasp the volumes of information that I spewed at you, here are some resources that will help!

A video for knitting continentally :

I particularly like this one by CraftSanity featuring Lorilee, who used to own City Knitting in Grand Rapids.

If you want to see again how to trap your stitches as I demonstrated at the meeting, you’ll find a wonderful video at Philosopher’s Wool located here.

Knitting Help also has a video to help you out located here.
Knit Simple has an article with varied ways to trap your yarn located here
Knitting Daily just had a quick tutorial on trapping yarns yesterday, if you haven’t signed up for their newsletter, you may want to consider it!  I’ll bet if you look through their archives, you’ll be able to find it easily.

Eunny Jang posted a whole series of blog posts about steeking in “The Steeking Chronicles” a few years ago.   
Another article you may find helpful is “You Want Me to Cut What?” written by Wendy Johnson on Knitty.com

Great pictures of crocheted steeks can be found on the Bowerbird Knits blog here.

A resource for fair isle charts can be found here.  Be careful when you use them, many have more than one color per line, and would be best suited for intarsia.

If you’re interested in a more in depth class or private lesson on color work, I’m happy to help, please just let me know!  Paula and I have tried to schedule fair isle classes at PK Yarn Over Knit in the past, I’m sure she’d be happy to include one on the schedule if we let her know what the sheep are interested in using as a focus project and we can schedule it.

I’ve uploaded another Fair Isle Hat pattern to Ravelry if you’re interested, and one more should be coming before the end of the week.

We’ll have this month’s free pattern KAL posted on Ravelry in a couple of days, feel free to suggest patterns!

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