Feb 8, 2011

The Hat with No Name

I've just finished a proto type for my third fair isle hat pattern, and am in need of a name.  I've had a few suggestions, but still, am not sure what to call it.  The colors in this version are bright and summery, but I have a darker and more subdued hat planned prior to publishing.  Want to help name it?  Submit a name suggestion in the comments, and if your name is selected, you'll will a free copy of the pattern.

My hope is to have the pattern ready to go by Monday, so I'll announce the winner then.  If you become a follower prior to Sunday evening, I'll be happy to send you a discount code for a pattern purchase of your choice in my Ravelry shop.

I teach tonight at the Black Sheep Knitting Guild. . .are you joining us?  Here is a quick picture of still more Woden hats in progress that I'll be using tonight:

I still can't get over how different they look in different colors.  Seriously.  It's amazing to me.

PS. . .Thanks for the help naming "No Name"


  1. It really looks very springlike. How about "Primavera"? "L' air du Printemps"? Or "Forsythia", as those are a spring-only flower that has 4 petals...

    Good luck with naming it!

    Kate (curiouskate on Ravelry)

  2. A bit odd, maybe, but I can't help but think of wall treatments when I look at that bottom band, so how about "Wainscoting" or "The Wainscot Hat"?

  3. I actually think that the "flower" looks more like Holly especially with the vine pattern also so I say name the hat "Holly" or go with one of the Celtic names for holly "Celyn", "Kelen" or "Cuileann" or there are all sorts of Germanic, French or Latin on the Wikipedia listing, just not as pretty as the Celtic ones IMHO



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