Feb 18, 2011

Still Kicking

My "hat with no name" pattern hasn't seen much editing time, and is STILL not ready for publication.  Vacation starts today at 3:30, so there's a possibility that I can make it happen by Monday, but I'm not pressuring myself.  To those of you who I promised a discount coupon to, please know it's coming!  You'll be able to use it on any of the three patterns I'll have in my Ravelry shop.

This week has been filled with trips to the Lutheran Home of Livonia.  My grandmother has had some health issues of late, and is doing a stint of rehab there.  It's a lovely place, but not too close to home for me.  My daily routine this week has been to get to school early, leave as soon as I can, race to Livonia, and then race back home in time for my evening obligations here at home.

I always think I'll be able to knit when I visit Gram, but she has such reduced hearing, that any conversation with her must be written down.  That means, I've got pen and paper in hand, and we're passing my notes back and forth, while my knitting sits in a bag.  Gram turned 93 this January, and has lived a full life. . .and we think she has some years left in her.  I"m not sure she believes the same thing any more.  Her comments last night were that the Lutheran Home was "depressing"  and that I needed to get her out of there.  Her memory has been lapsing for awhile, and being in a strange place has just put a spotlight on it.  I pray that she takes a turn for the better in the next couple of days.

I know Gram misses her daughter, Gloria, and when Gloria is back from a quick vacation we'll probably be able to get a better schedule together for her as Gloria coordinates Gram's care.  (That's Gram and Glo in their Indian Princess apparel--I guess it was for mom's and daughters at one time. Gram was also a Girl Scout leader and a Den Mother, her kids weren't ever lacking for activities.)  Trying to do that from hundreds of miles away via cell phone is tough on everyone.  I just hope that Glo is able to come back somewhat rested and relaxed from the time away.

Meanwhile, I'm still here.  I'm still kicking.  The radio silence isn't intended to be another of my disappearing acts.  I actually have some pictures of a Shalom Cardigan that Fritzie is making in my Monday night class, as well as some thoughts about how to make it for yourself. . .remember when Kim got that idea started a few years ago?

Fingers crossed, I'll have no-name up early next week. . .and if you're local and looking for a knitting class, there are spaces in my Monday night group starting in March.  Send me an email or comment if you'd like the details.


  1. Those are awesome pictures of your Gram! Keep up the good work, Tanya, I know it's hard. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

  2. Lovely lady, your gram. I can definitely see the resemblence.

  3. Gee I hope your Gram recovers quickly, it is soo hard for them when they are not happy and confused. I also adore my nanna who helped in raising me. She is awesome and was a great cook. I miss her cuddles every day as she lives 130kms from us.


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