Feb 20, 2011

Shopping (or Stash Aquistion Beyond Life Expectancy)

The annual Chelsea Spinner's Flock Winter Fleece Fair was yesterday. . .here's your peek at what you missed.

It was fun to bump into friends I hadn't seen in a long time at the sale, and to catch up with local friends during our drive.  I can't tell you how many times I said, "This is the BEST day!"  Check out this yarn that Linda found with feathers spun into it. . .how cool is this?

I was surprised to see handspun yarn and hand dyed fiber from Happy Fuzzy Yarns there. . .I'm working on a lacy beret/slouchy hat with some of her fingering weight yarn, and I love it.  The fiber was pretty great too.

There is always a surprising amount of hand spun yarn for those of us who don't spin. . .

And used wheels at great prices for those of us who want to learn.

After the sale, part of our group ate at The Red Pepper Deli, and to my surprise, it was owned by an old friend.  I was treated to a special sampler plate, but everyone said their food was amazing.  If you're in Northville, you'll want to stop in and try it out!  I don't know whether to recommend Carolyn's Pizza or the Vegan Tacos. . .you'll have to order both and decide for yourself.  A friend was pretty happy with the cup of soup she ordered too.

After lunch, we stopped at Center Street Knits, Knitting on the Fringe and Knitter's Cove.  My pocket book survived. . .I came home with only modest stash enhancement.  Center Street Knits is a beautiful store that makes you feel like you're in a gallery.  They carry Spud and Cloe yarn, and I'll probably head back there next week while I'm on break to pick up some of their sweater weight to make a baby sweater for a friend.  I'd never been to Knitting on the Fringe, and their new location is PACKED with yarns and interesting sample garments.  We were only there for a brief moment, as Knitter's Cove was closing and we wanted to get there before they locked up for the day.  They are closing for good soon, and have their yarn at 50% off, so we got some great deals.  All in all, it was an amazing road trip.

Once home, I discovered Joanie's phone was in two pieces--not exactly the manufacture's recommended way to use it. . .So we headed to the store and found a new phone, that will hopefully be as durable as the last one was.  She's pretty hard on her phones, and the broken one has lasted nearly three years.  Some day soon, we'll head there and get a new iPhone for me.  I want one so badly I can taste it.

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