Jul 27, 2011

Another Perfect Day!

After sweltering hot weather at home, today's high of 69 degrees was perfect!

Started the day at Bob's Red Mill for a fabulous breakfast and some shopping for souvenirs to bring home.

Continued on to Eagle Feather Creek for some quick wading in the icy water.

Tried my first "sour clover" (Hannah said it was a must!)

Stopped at a few farm markets on the way home to find some perfect berries.

And now I'm having a Marion berry spritzer on the porch before dinner. Yum!

Hope your day was just as good!

1 comment:

  1. Man. I love it. We hear from you more when you're out-of-town than when you're home.

    Hope you continue to have a lovely time in Portland.

    Miss ya.


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