Jul 31, 2011

Only One More Day

Truly, it feels like I've been gone for a month, and while I only have one more day left here, I have another whole week filled with adventures yet to come!

I did a bit of shopping yesterday, and ordered a new pair of shoes.

Bought a pattern booklet fort friend Harriet. (signed by all of the authors)

Picked up a few goodies for friends at home, and still had plenty of time to chat people up in the booth.

At the end of the day, someone was able to guide us to carts for dinner not far from Tori and Hannah's house--only ironic because they were actually at the convention center last night...

On their way home, they picked me up, and we went to Swirl for ice cream. At Swirl, you have a choice of ten different flavors and about a million toppings--it was actually a little overwhelming. I chose a watermelon sorbet, swirled with a tart yogurt that Tori thought tasted like sour cream. I thought it was just perfect topped with strawberries and almonds.

We had customers during the flashmob, but I saw a glimpse of it online, if you care to check... Or here is a video of the rehearsal from Thursday night.

YouTube Video

Likewise, I was busy during the Ravelry meet-up/shower for Eloise. There is just too much going on to pack into one day!


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