Jul 31, 2011

Wrapping Up and Ramping Up

The Fleece to Foot challenge was today at Sock Summit 2011, and the teams started off strong this morning.

Several teams were accepting donations for their favorite charity as they worked...

And all looked to be having a great time.

Each team was allowed to switch up Knitters at lunch, and when I went back towards the end, imagine my surprise to see "The Mitten" represented!

Recognize her? Lorilee Beltman in the HOUSE!!!

I actually don't know what team won, but her team looked to be the furthest along...

I'm you'll be able to find the winners with a quick check of "The Goggle" as someone recently called it.

I'm eager to share all sorts of stories when I get home, as well as add some links, but will be on a media vacation for about a week. I didn't do so bad posting from my phone, eh?

Another quick meal with friends, a bit of time at the airport and soon I'll be home and then in a truck heading to The Land. See you there?

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