Jul 27, 2011

SO Fun!

My stimulus for this trip was getting to help Jennie the Potter at Sock Summit. However, good friends live in Portland, so it was an opportunity to visit them too.

Portland has had a number of cart pavilions develop in the past year or so. They are sort of like mobile food courts. . .lots of small trailers selling a variety of foods, with some picnic tables and umbrellas in the center of the lot.

We had a great lunch at one place yesterday where there was a vegan cart! I was even able to get freshly pressed juice!

Everybody got exactly the food they wanted without a long discussion about where to go for lunch, and we all walked away with full bellies!

And went off to do some shopping!

Nothing done at all on the knitting front yesterday, but all in all, it was a GREAT day on vacation!

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  1. How fun to see a picture of Hannah a year older! Tori looks well also. Can't wait to hear stories about fest... be safe. M


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