Jul 29, 2011

Sock Summit

Today was my first class of two. I had a three hour class with Amy Singer, of Knitty, called "Making the Next Monkey". It was really interesting to see things through the lens of the editor. I took lots of notes and have much to think about!

After arriving at the conference center, checking in, and taking my class, I hooked up with Jennie. We had boxes to unpack, pottery to display. I needed my "worker bee" training so that I knew how to handle things in her booth... It was a busy afternoon. Here are a few pictures of the line waiting to get into the market:

Can you find Diane D?

There was a rumor (actually a truth) that Jennie's limited edition Sock Summit mug would sell out fast.

(Those socks are exploding from Mount Hood.)

Her booth was never empty, and we were both writing sales the entire evening! Lucky for some, she has held back five mugs to be put out each morning for those who didn't make it there last night.

At the opening ceremonies, there was an impromptu flash mob rehearsal...posting my video now would spoil the surprise...lets just say it was a memorable event!

We checked in to the hotel later than expected... And are awake on Midwest time zones...in plenty of time to meet friends for our 7 am breakfast call.

Having an absolute blast. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. We missed you and Jennie at Camp this year, but sounds like you have lots of fun in store. I told Jessica (of RoseKimKnits) that I'd heard (read online) that you were helping out Jennie at her booth, so she was planning on stopping by to say hi. Have lots of fun, learn lots, knits lots. Must admit, am completely bloomin' jealous.


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