Jul 30, 2011

Big Fun

I don't know how many ways I can say that I'm having a great time...but it's true, it's big fun here at Sock Summit.

Everywhere you look, there is something beautiful and exciting. Had a VERY interesting class about copyright, and spent the rest of the day working the booth, shopping, and people watching.

Goth Socks practically sold out on the first night...

The Signature Needle folks have more needles than you can imagine, all in one place, calling to me EVERY time I walk past their booth.

So far, I have resisted, but there are two more days in the market, and I walk past every time I go to the bathroom... I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold out.

The sock museum is amazing.

Not only are there cool and historically significant socks on display, but great time has been taken to put information about them together so everyone knows WHY they are such important or iconic socks.

Authors are having book signings what seems like all day long...

And because Jennie is so fabulous, and everyone loves her work, famous Knitters and designers keep walking into her booth and chatting her up...or she will point them out to me as they are shopping the market. It's been like a "who's who" of knitting.

We made a trip to Powell's book store last night after dinner.

And don't let the marquee fool you, this book store takes up a full city block. It's an amazing thing to see. Did you know Beverly Cleary is from the area? Love. Love her!

If the past few days weren't enough fun, there is still more fun to be had...and possibly shoes to buy...more about those tomorrow!

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  1. My husband just walked in the room and suggested we go straight to the er as my skin had turned green, he was very concerned. I explained I had just read your blog post about sock summit and he asked me to warn him next time.

    Sounds like so much fun. Enjoy and soak up every minute.


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