Mar 2, 2016

Crunch Time

This week has been racing past me, and has been filled with list upon list, with no beautiful photos or inspirational thoughts.   Ever had a week like that?  The work in my sewing room has my trash can looking interesting, but that’s about it.

On Saturday I had a good sit down with myself, and really looked at the calendar and what needed to be done.  It was a bit shocking.

For those of you who haven’t signed up for my newsletter, (here's a link if you haven't) the exciting news is that I’ve been accepted to vend at Yarn Con in Chicago on April 2-3.  This is great news, is very exciting, but it also comes with lists.  Do I have enough bags made?  What should I add to the goodie bag?  Will all of my patterns be ready to print? Do I have a good way to display everything?  Do I have enough samples? What supplies do I need to purchase to make sure that everything is priced and ready to go?  How will I fit it all into my vehicle?  Have I made the hotel reservations?  Do I know where my fast pass is for tolls?

Sleep has been eluding me and the lists continue to get more specific each day.  While I like specific lists because it means I can check things off as I go, they can also be daunting. . .because they get intensely long.

I actually think I’m in good shape, but the lists. . .oh the lists.  I’ll have some long days and weekends between now and April 1 when I head west with my car loaded to the hilt with all sorts of good things to share.

Ever wonder what 2000 stitch markers looks like?  These arrived this week for me to use in a special treat for people shopping in my booth this spring.  Yes, that’s another thing on my list.

If you haven’t been to Yarn Con (I haven’t!) you should totally check out their site.  They are consistent about sharing bios about their teachers, info about their vendors (I was featured on Monday in case you missed it.)  A friend local to the area says that it’s the best FREE event in the area.  A couple of friends who’ve vended and taught at previous events have it on their “must attend” list.  I’m excited to be included in the list of vendors, as there are some stellar small businesses and teachers included in the event.  I suspect it's going to be tough not to spend all of my profits while I'm there!

My excitement about my debut at Yarn Con has me almost forgetting about the Ann Arbor Spring Fiber Expo.  I’ve been a vendor at the Fall Fiber Expo more than once, but this will be my first time at the spring event.  I’ll be camping in “Betty” our 1956 Comet camper at the fairgrounds, so you could say it’ll be my first camping trip of 2016 too. (And if you're not a camper, camping comes with a completely different set of lists that can be a bit shocking when you see them written out.)

I’ll bet you’re wondering when the Spring Fiber Expo is. . .April 9-10.  Yes, the weekend immediately following Yarn Con.

Are you starting to understand my lists now?  I’m not really prepping for one big show, but TWO, right in a row.  Add to that a teaching engagement at my local guild in April, and you’ve got a recipe for a busy, busy March. Still, I'm trying to remember this:

I'm wondering. . .what do you do to manage things when your lists get overwhelming?  And what is it that brings you joy?  In spite of the crazy making, the things on my lists?  They do bring me joy.

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