Mar 7, 2011

Matlie Does it Again

So, my dear friend Kim seems to get me into things more often than not.  I'd say she was a bad influence, but it just isn't so.  Kim is the kind who says, "Gee, wouldn't this be fun?  Let's do it together!" in a not so sneaky way to enlist my help.  To be fair, I've done the same with her. . .as is evidenced by the thriving knitting guild that we both belong to and love so much.

Herein lies the difference.  When I say, "Wanna?" to Kim, I actually do.  I jump in along with her, and follow through. . .Again, let me cite the Black Sheep Knitting Guild.  Kim?  Not. So. Much.  Need evidence?  Just look back to Shalom.  Ask Matlie if she has actually knitted a swatch for that sweater.   The not so public evidence lies in a pair of firestarter socks that she couldn't turn the heel on. . .I got the heel turned, and then sat waiting for her, and she never (EVER) picked them up again.  (She swears she's going to make them.  Uh huh.)  I have a partially completed Mystery Stole #3 that I was waiting for her to catch up to me. . .she's since thrown it in the trash.  Yes, I said she's thrown away wool.  Shouldn't she be banned from LYSs everywhere for a crime like that?  Heresy I say.  Kim swears there was a hole in it that could not be repaired. . .I never saw it.  My shawl?  It's in my HUGE pile of UFOs.

You'd think I'd learn by now.  You'd think when Kim says, "Wanna?"  I'd smile a little Mona Lisa smile and say, "Sure" and keep on knitting whatever my heart desired.  She must have some sort of spell on me, because I NEVER learn.  We decided to do a Liesl KAL this month.  I dropped the vest I was working on, and pulled the wool I wanted to use out of hibernation. . .I cast on on March 1, actually AT Kim's house with her. . .I had testing all week.  I knit WAY less than I normally do. . .early in the week, she made it sound like she was cruising with comments like "How many repeats did you do to the armpits?"  I pulled the knitting out and worked all weekend, trying to catch up.

Guess what I found out on Saturday?  KIM is knitting a baby afghan.  Not ONE baby afghan, but she needs to have TWO of them done by the beginning of April. . .AND a baby sweater.  Seriously?  How did I get sucked into this AGAIN?  Yes, Kim.  This is public shaming here.  Public shaming ON YOUR BIRTHDAY no less.  (Happy day, by the way!)  You were the one texting me this week asking for more blog posts.  You were the one who agreed that knitting a Philosopher's sweater this month would be too much with your broken leg.  You were the one who said, "Why yes, let's knit a Liesl."  Her sweater may not be finished this month she says. . .I'm shocked.

But you know what?  All you have is a pile of wool, Kim.  And guess what I have. . .

I'll be wearing it to guild tomorrow.  I'll miss you, and I wish you could come out to play. . .but I'll be wearing my 7 day Liesl.  Thanks for the KAL.

PS.  Joanie wants you all to know that she's sick.  She has the stomach flu that I had a week ago.  She's near death.  Seriously.  I hope you don't get it too.

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  1. You will be sorry when my Liesl is done by the end of the month!! You will be eating your words! your words I tell you! And the MS3 well that piece with the big hole is in a box and sobbed over because what was done was beautiful in all it's beaded magnificence, who can blame me that I never re-cast on (besides not to fond of the asymmetrical beast) and Firestarters are on the famous UFO list that I am steadily working through! Besides you should be thanking me for opening up all these options for you and just look at how beautiful the finished product is!!! I am so proud!!!! Matlie


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