Mar 15, 2011

Technology and Princess Sleepovers

I added a new bit of technology to my life a little more than a week ago.  While I'm absolutely loving learning all of the bells and whistles, finding new apps, and figuring out how to make this a productive item for me, it's also been a bit of a time suck.

So, I guess my question is, how long does it take you to turn a learning experience into a productive experience?  I'm willing to put in the time now--I can see the advantages in the long run, but it's seeming like a forever process right now.  I can tell I'm already gaining speed, and can quickly navigate between many different tasks. . .but still.  I have yet to update my calendar to include all of the things I had on my old phone, and am dreading the task.  Once my personal calendar dates are added, I'll have to update all of my school calendar events. . .I know that once it's done, it will make me VERY happy.  It's the getting there that is the problem.

On other fronts. . .the "Princess Sleepover" has an official date.  Princess Monkey Toes and Baby O (who's not such a baby any more, she just turned 3!) will be spending the night at our house early in April.  I have my Glinda costume all ready to wear for the evening, we have The Princess and the Frog ready to go in our NetFlix queue, pink and purple sprinkles for the cupcakes we'll decorate, fairy tattoos and coloring sheets, princess necklaces to make, and at least one mom looking into roller skating for Saturday afternoon.  Baby O has renamed Toshi "Princess Brown Cupcake" so that she'll fit right into the themed evening.  We may even have twinkle lights and decorations. . .The girls are excited, their parents are planning to send their boys elsewhere so they'll have a free night, and Joanie?  well, she's just shaking her head.

I've also begun knitting small toys for Easter baskets--it looks like we'll be making up six of them for friends' children this year. . .hopefully you'll see a knitted dinosaur in the next post!

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